Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Nate!

Yes, today is Nate's birthday. Happy 23rd Birthday babe! Since Nate's birthday lands on the 12th, we celebrate the 12 days of Nate. Each day for 12 days I give him a treat or small present to prolong the festivities. In honor of that tradition here are 12 of the many things I love about Nathan.....

1. Nate is fun. I often joke that I am the funny one and he is the fun one (yes, I know it is wishful thinking to think I am funny).
2. He has a wonderful temperament. Nate never holds a grudge and doesn't let the trivial things bother him. He is my favorite of all the red-heads I know.
3. He is great at always making sure my car is clean and full of gas and washer fluid, etc. He even buys the little tree shaped car fresheners for me. That is one thoughtful man!
4. Nate is a fantastic listener and problem solver.
5. Smart! The boy is smart, he never has to study and still does great on all of his tests.
6. I have to admit, I love his taste in music, 99% of the time.
7. No matter what, he always tells me I look nice, even if I am sick or haven't showered or am having a bad hair day.
8. Nathan is really good about helping out around the house (or apartment to be specific) even if he doesn't want to.
9. I love that Nate is always so supportive, no matter what hobby or crazy project I undertake, he is always encouraging.
10. He is such a good example, I truly do look up to him.
11. My husband can cook! He makes a mean teriyaki chicken.
12. I love Nate's laugh. From his little chuckles when he is trying not to laugh at me, to his full body laugh when his eyes water and he can't even talk. I love it when I am able to make him laugh.

So, I hope Nate has a fantastic birthday and that this year is wonderful for him! If you see him tell him Happy Birthday. I love you Nate!

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