Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am procrastinating. I really should be organizing my storage room, but I'm not. And, my storage room doesn't even need that much more work, another hour or so and it would be totally finished. However, I just don't feel like doing it right now. I keep looking for other things to do, I've called and talked to my mom, I've run to the grocery store, now I am updating my blog. I am making a bargain with myself, if I get the storage room finished today I get a totally guilt-free day of digital scrapbooking tomorrow. Okay, so 30 more minutes of blogging and checking e-mails and then I will get to work.

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Elizabeth said...

I love your weekly header updates! So cute! Here's the website I told you about for the kitchen labels, scroll down to Feb. 6 1-2-3- Kitchen:


I love the blue set! Email me so I can have your address, mine's lizbet101@gmail.com