Monday, March 2, 2009

Now Hiring

I need your assistance. Have you ever done several loads of laundry only to find a sock or two that somehow got left behind? Only to do more laundry later and then the original mates to the socks go missing? Well this happens to me every single time I do laundry. I promise I know how to take all the contents of the laundry basket and put them in the washer. There is nothing left in the basket, but somehow during the course of the day I find random socks. When I find them I always think, "Sucks to be you socks, because you are stuck being lonely until there is enough dirty clothes to justify doing another load of laundry." Yep, apparently I talk to socks. Maybe I am going batty in my advanced age, but I prefer to be positive and think that I must have had an awesome imagination as a child. Either way, I am tired of my assortment of single socks. So here is my offer, come to my house and be a sock hunter. The job requirements are simple, you need to be available each time I do a load of laundry, must have excellent vision and stealth like maneuvers, no minimum age requirement. I would prefer some experience in the domestic arts. The hours are variable and the pay will consist of whatever treats I happen to have on hand and a possible hug filled with gratitude. If you're interested, you can submit your resume in the comment section.

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FamilyMoe said...

Kimmy you crack me up! Invest in some safety pins & pin the pairs together before you wash them...will save you MANY hours of frustration & the cost of a sock hunter ;)