Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Weekend 2009

I know this post is somewhat belated, but for documentation purposes, I am posting it anyway. On Halloween Nate and I spent the evening with his little brothers and sisters, hoping to give Benji and Amanda a break from babysitting so they could enjoy Keith's first Halloween. We had a pizza dinner and trick-or-treating and finished the night with a scary movie. Don't worry that while we were trick-or-treating I was referred to as Jake and Amelia's mom. Apparently I look old enough to have a 12 year old child! On Sunday we headed back up to American Fork for some games and family time.

Here are our pumpkin pizzas, which I thought were going to be a hit. None of the kids were super impressed.

I think Nate took 10-20 pictures of Keith's face trying to take a picture of one of Keith's new teeth. This little boy was a really good sport. By the way, I just heard that Keith has now learned to climb up stairs, he is growing up too quickly. Someone needs to have another baby so I have someone little to hold.

Remember that cute innocent picture of Keith? Well here is what he did to Amelia. This picture doesn't do it justice, there was more in her hair. Then I was the mean sister-in-law that made her stand still while I took a picture. Nate wants to show this photo to future boyfriends of hers. There is a good chance she might hate us in 5 years for this picture. However, the funniest part of this story was when Jake reenacted the incident, screaming out "Taste it! Taste it!" We all laughed so hard we all had tears in our eyes.

We hope you all had a fun Halloween weekend. We sure did. Here's hoping that there are many more to come.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm impressed with your pumpkin pizzas! And your oreo cupcakes are soooooo tasty! Thanks!