Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Morning Musings

Oh man, I'm pretty sure that I need every one of these fabrics. I have a ton of sewing projects that I want to make. The creativity wheels are turning!! I have some days off coming up and I want to run my own little sweat shop. I hope it all turns out cute! I am determined to turn myself into an awesome seamstress.

P.S. When Nate and I were dating, one night I wore his jacket home and kept it for a few days. I kept it on my bed because it smelled like Nate's cologne and it would remind me of him. Would it be weird if I sprayed my pillow with a little bit of his cologne? I am seriously considering it.

P.P.S. Can you believe we are a third of the way through November? Yes, I am listening to the Christmas music on the radio and loving it.


Rob and Jenni Holman said...

looks like fun!! you will have to let me know what you decide!!

Nichole and Philip Swink said...

I loved those days of clothes that smelled like the boy you loved. Now, they just smell...JK! You should totally spray it on your pillow.

And I love every single swatch of fabric there! They are soo cute! I especially could see a cute dress being made out of that red flower one! Good luck! You should do this! And sell them!

Alisha said...

Love the fabrics....I used Amy Buttler's line to recover my baby carseat. Hope your project turns out cute!