Monday, January 11, 2010

Family Home Evening

I am in charge of FHE tonight and I have no ideas! I've used up all my good ideas. Ugh! Does anyone have cute suggestions that work for two people?


Heidi said...

Sometimes we read a conference talk and discuss it. Kind of boring, but it works. :) Good luck.

Elizabeth said...

Since our FHE with Brayden can only be about 5 min, Joe and I usually do our own extension after Brayden's in bed. ;) We're probably boring too, but we've been rereading past conference talks together, now Ensign articles like the first presidency's message. Sometimes we just read a couple chapters from the Book of Mormon if we are short on time and haven't done our scripture study that day. I love focusing on topics that I feel I or we need help on...or just some of my favorite topics in general. We've read quotes about getting out of debt and reassessed our budget. We also like to read stories from our ancestors so that we can get strength from their testimonies. Joe's really good at asking questions and helping us apply what we're reading to our own lives. It's fun when we just share insights with each other about certain gospel principles. I like sharing my testimony with Joe through experiences I've had or how a certain scripture has strengthened my testimony lately, or in the past. I also think Preach My Gospel is a wonderful tool to study from, because it covers the basic gospel principles, providing scriptures on various topics, and questions to ask yourself and things to write about in journals, etc... Good luck in your home evening endeavors! :) Love you!

Elizabeth said...

Wow....sorry for such a long reply...I think I tend to be more wordy late at night! ;)