Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am done with work! Woo hoo! Last night was my last night at work, and I have to say, it was a pretty good night. I'll miss so many of my coworkers. I have some fond memories of Lorna getting soaking wet on April Fool's Day a few years ago, Holly running and sliding down the hall, Audrey saying "JK JK JK!" Dawney, codename Catnip, could always fill me in on what was going on, I remember a confused patient calling the cops on Brad, Ellen and her songs, several coworkers had dance moves, Michelle could do flips, and nearly everyone I worked with could make me laugh. I will miss working with all my fellow night shift PCT's. Thanks for all the fun times and I wish everyone the absolute best. Thanks guys!!

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Dawney said...

We are SO going to miss your face Kim!! :) Don't worry- Tango Taco One and I are so on the case, and you WILL have your own code name sometime soon....
Thank you for making me laugh, filling me in on what's up with that crazy cousin of yours who never has time for us anymore and, most importantly, for admitting that you not only read but loved Twilight so that I wouldn't be alone in the beginning!!
You're UH-MAZE-ING and I wish you and Nate wonderful things! :)