Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Might Be Crazy

Just before our first Christmas together Nate's mom gave us a huge box of all his mission letters, photos, and souvenirs and informed me that it was now my job to scrapbook and preserve his mission memories. So I hurried and rushed to make a 15 or so page scrapbook for Nate (this was back before I started digital scrapbooking) in time for Christmas. It turned out okay, definitely nothing amazing. I told myself that one day I would make something better. Since I got Photoshop I have really wanted to go through all of his pictures (2000+)and really make something nice.

So two weeks ago I lost my mind. I was looking at a cute scrapbooking site and saw this darling book this girl had made. It was a full fledged book, with an engraved cover and everything, so so cute. She had it made by Winkflash. I went to their site (winkflash.com)and they were having a sale! Their custom books are 60% off through the end of August. So, my 100 page 12x12 leather cover engraved book would be just a little more than $40. Sold! I have everything all picked out now I just have to scrapbook 100 pages! I am officially crazy. Did I mention that Nate's brother is getting married this week too and I have been busy helping with that? It would seem that I like to keep busy. I do have to admit that I am off to a pretty good start. I have a little more than 50 pages ready to go. My goal is to be all done by the 25th so then all I will have to do is organize them in the book and place my order! I am going to do it!!! Just a few more weeks of no sleep and I'll be done. Wish me luck!

Here are a few of my favorite pages thus far. I'm trying to keep everything similar without being to matchy-matchy so each page has this dark blue paper on it somewhere to keep the theme going. Also I've tried to make the pages seem somewhat masculine, as masculine as scrapbooking can be. I worry that they look too boring but I don't want to add more if it is going to make it too girly. Tell me what you think.

P.S. Please excuse any grammar and spelling errors, as previously mentioned I've had very little sleep.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow! That is an AMAZING deal! Too bad I'm not crazy enough to do it. ;) Maybe next year they'll have the same deal?

I loved the pages you shared and how you put them together. They look great! And I love how you added your comments about the pictures.

Keep up the good work!