Saturday, August 21, 2010

Worst End to Date Night Thus Far

Guess where Nate and I are? In the hospital! So long story short, Nate has a hernia and is having surgery this afternoon. That is how date night went last night, dinner, shopping, ER visit. Not exactly how it was supposed to go. Nate is a little nervous, and so am I, so keep us in your prayers today.

P.S. Question, am I the worst wife ever for taking pictures so I can scrapbook this?


Elizabeth said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear that! Let us know if you need anything besides prayers.

The Durfee Family said...

We hope he gets feeling better and that everything goes well! You are in our prayers!

Dawney said...

I'm sorry to hear about Nate! I hope he gets feeling better soon! (oh- and I love that you are taking pics to scrap! ha ha ha!)