Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Your Rap Name?

Oh goodness, I am laughing my head off. So we found this website My Rap Name that will take your given name and tell you what your rap name would be. So dang funny. It came up with names like K Muffin, KK Spunky Silk, and K Kimmy Jewel (and some others that I won't share) for me. For Nate they came up with NN Menace, NS Flash, and my personal favorite Methodical Frosty Natty Tank a.k.a. Outlaw Chill. So if everyone could please call us by our rap names, that would be great!

Peace Out,
K Kimmy Jewel

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Happenings

Everybody knows that I LOVE watching BYU games (please read the sarcasm). It is the highlight of my weekends!! Fortunately Amanda feels the same way I do, so we try to other activities while our husbands watch the game. We've gone shopping, played with Keith, and baked all to try and endure the games. These pictures are from the first game of the season, notice how I failed to take a picture of anyone but Keith, oh well, he's cuter than us anyway. Thanks for entertaining us Keith! You're welcome over anytime!

Nate and I try to make it up to visit my mom every couple of weeks. This time we went up for Sunday dinner and games. Just in case you're wondering, I did win. :)

Justin and Whitney blessed their cute baby Beckham earlier this month. Here are a few pictures I took that day. I am not totally happy with this double page, I'll probably re-do it. Just click on the picture to enlarge.

We went to Sam's farewell and luncheon. It was fun to celebrate a missionary and to see all the family.

Happy Birthday Jake! Congrats on reaching double digits!

Durfee Family Calendar

Nate's cute cousin Alisha is in charge of the annual family calendar. She asked me to help this year and I though I'd show you what I have done so far. These are obviously the top half, the bottom will have the calendar and a section for notes. I don't have pictures yet, I can't wait to add them. Enjoy!


We've been so busy lately, birthdays, farewells, baby blessings, family, etc. It has been crazy! I'm slowly but surely catching up on everything. I am making a dent into all the scrapbooking I need to do. I don't really go in order, I just work on whatever sounds fun at the time. Here is a double page I made of our engagement. I am working on finishing a book, they can hold up to 100 pages, and I have 85 thus far, just a few more to go then I can order it!

Happy Birthday Benji!

This is a few days late, but Happy Birthday Benji! The Smith's had a family dinner to celebrate and Amanda made the cutest cake. It looked so good, I'm a little jealous. You can see a picture of the cake below. Nate and I had a double date with Benji and Amanda this past Saturday. We went to Brick Oven and then to Golden Spoon, and I didn't even take one picture, dang! I love spending time with Keith (and his parents) he makes things so fun. However it was Benji that threw a crayon into Nate's water. Goodness, we always have a fun time with them. Thanks for coming guys and thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate! We hope this year is a great one for you Benji!