Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Day, Bad Night

Disclaimer:  Long post up ahead.

Both Nate and I had good days yesterday. Nothing extraordinary happened, it was just a normal nice day.  I made bread, did all my laundry,scrapbooked two pages, and made a good dinner.  All in all I felt productive.  Nate said he had a good day at work and he took out the garbage just like I asked.  We went to bed early at 9:15, that is so early for us.  Usually we are up until at least 11.  We were laying in bed talking about how it had been a really nice day.   We totally jinxed ourselves.  We were finally finished talking and were trying to fall asleep when Nate says, “Kim!”  I said, “What?  What is it Nate?”  No answer from Nate.   So I am starting to get a little nervous.  Then he finally answers and says, “There is a mouse.  Hand me some tissues so I can get it.”  Are you kidding me?!  There is a mouse in my house?  I am now officially in panic mode.  I toss him the box of tissues and then run to the safety of bathroom and lock the door behind me.   Once I am in there I realize I left my glasses in the bedroom and can’t see anything.  What if the mouse follows me in there?  I wouldn’t be able to see it!  I am totally vulnerable, and I am pretty sure this situation is not good for my high blood pressure.   While I am hiding and leaving Nate to deal with the mouse I have an epiphany.  This could be why I’m infertile!  I wouldn’t be able to protect my kids from vermin!  Isn’t that one qualification of being a mother, to be able to protect your children?  What would I have done if we had kids, leave them to defend themselves from the mouse, teach them the lesson of survival of the fittest?  Looks like I have some work to do before we have kids.  :)

That however, is not the end of the story.  I did warn you this post was long.   The mouse was not caught.  Nate says it ran back outside.  Here’s what we think happened.  When we moved into our apartment we didn’t have central air so we installed a window unit in our bedroom.  We have since gotten central air but haven’t removed the window unit.  Nate figures that the mouse got in and out through this window unit.  So after this ordeal I told Nate that  I was still a little scared and was worried about falling asleep.   Nate is a great husband and wanted me to feel better so he offered to take the window unit out right then at 10:30 at night.  I told him it was late and not to worry about it until the next day.   He however wanted to be the hero and went ahead and started to take it out.  Next thing I know I hear glass shattering.  Yes, Nate broke the window.   Again, are you kidding me?  A broken bedroom window at 10:40 at night?  So Nate left the window unit in and we boarded up the window the best we could.  I was thinking that it’s a good thing that Nate sleeps by the window so that if  someone comes through the window, whether it be man or mouse, he can protect me.  I was also worried about freezing to death during the night and of course last night it snowed.   Not only could I not protect my kids from mice, but they wouldn’t even have a warm shelter!  Worst non-mother of the year award goes to me!   Well I did live through the night and our awesome landlord is going to get the window taken care of today.  However I am refusing to leave the house today because I don’t want anyone to see a broken window and decide to break in.   Nate says that we have renter’s insurance and I shouldn’t worry so much.  I say he should have listened to me last night and we wouldn’t have a broken window.   Oh well,  I am just grateful nothing worse happened and that is something that can be fixed without too much difficulty. 


window 1 copy

window 2 

window 3

window 4

-P.S. I just want to make one thing clear, I keep a reasonably clean house.  We have never had an infestation of any kind.  Our next door neighbors have had ants and our previous upstairs neighbors had weevils, but we have never had anything but the occasional spider.  I promise I clean and that we aren’t hoarders.  I don’t know why we had a mouse.  I am choosing to believe that it just wanted the warmth of our apartment.

-P.P.S. I never saw the mouse but Nate assured me it was the smallest mouse he had ever seen.  He said it was only an inch and half long.  I hope that was the case.   Not that it makes any less scary to me.


Elizabeth said...

oh no! That's terrible! If it makes you feel any better, I saw a HUGE spider on the stairs last night. And I couldn't even scream b/c everyone was sleeping so Yuck! Last Christmas I saw a rat at my parents house. We were there about a week. The day we left my dad said he caught 4.large.rats. Ewwww!

Rob and Jenni Holman said...

oh my that would not be a fun night!! i hope that they got the window fixed quickly for you!!

The Durfee Family said...

I would be freakin out too! I hope you guys had a better night last night! We need to get together again!

The Durfee Family said...

I would be freakin out too! I hope you guys had a better night last night! We need to get together again!

Dawney said...

OH how I miss hearing you tell your stories!!! :) I'm sorry about the mouse, but thanks for the entertainment! :)

benandkatiesmith said...

Someone teased me that there was a mouse and I jumped so hard out of my chair at the kitchen table that I broke it. It may have been your super hero husband who pulled that prank on me. As for protecting your children from critters--I think they protect me! Thanks for the chuckle!!!

Alisha said...

So sorry, but way funny now that it is over! I love you Kim! I also hate mice and spiders.

Patricia Howell said...

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