Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blogging Tip - Lock Your Photos

Last night I taught a little class on digital scrapbooking. Thank goodness Amanda came so I had some moral support! During the class I briefly touched on the subject of blogging. I mentioned that you can lock your pictures to prevent people from right clicking and saving them. My blog is public and my scrapbook blog is public as well. The reason I leave these blogs public is because my pictures are locked! Since I post a lot of pictures of family and friends and their kids I feel so much safer knowing that no one can steal or copy my pictures. It seemed like most everyone at my class last night wanted to know how to do this so I figured I would post the link with the tutorial I used.

Right Click Disabling:
This is a one time deal. You only need to edit your blog's template HTML once and it will always be right click disabled. Right Click Disable

Left Click Disabling (photos only):
Even if you disable the right click function on your pictures, people can still left click and enlarge the photo. Once the photo is enlarged in a new screen then they can right click and save/copy it from there. DO NOT disable left click all together, then you wouldn't be able to click on links, comments, or anything!!! In order to left click disable your pictures you have to remove the link for every single photo. It is a little time consuming but I think it is totally worth it! It only took me an hour to go back through all my blog posts on all my blogs and lock my pictures. Left Click Disable

P.S. Did I totally confuse you? Questions? Need help? Call me or email me (my email is on the side) and I can walk you through it.


Rob and Jenni Holman said...

Thanks Kim!!!! that makes me feel so much better about having mine public as well!!

Dawney said...

you're amazing! Thanks for the tips! :)