Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Festivities

It is no secret that Amanda and I LOVE hanging out.  I seriously think that we married our husbands in order for the two of us to meet.  It it so nice that Nate and Benji get along so well and have similar interests, so while the boys do lame sports or technology things, Amanda and I go do fun things.   Okay, just in case you’re not family, Amanda is my sister-in-law, we married brothers. 

This year is the year that we celebrate Thanksgiving with my side of the family.  We have coordinated it so that when it is the year we spend with the Smith family, all the married couples are there.  So since Amanda and I were not going to be together for Thanksgiving, she came up with an awesome idea that we have a “pre-Thanksgiving” dinner.  The Saturday before Thanksgiving we got together and made our own feast.  We had everything from appetizers to turkey to mashed potatoes to jello to dessert.  It was very nice and traditional.  Although, at the end of the day we were so so exhausted.  The food was good and the company was fantastic.  I think it may just become a tradition!

Pre-Thanksgiving copy

Nate and I went to see Harry Potter later that same day.  We went to the Thanksgiving Point theater, the one with reserved seating.  So we get there and sit down and this old man next to us turns and says, “We took your seats so we could sit by our family.”  Seriously, this old couple took our seats!!  What is the point of reserved seating if it isn’t truly reserved?!   What bugs me most is that they didn’t even offer our seats to us, they just stated that they stole our seats as though it was no big deal.   I was bugged.  It is proof that it’s not just the younger generation that has become lax on common courtesy.   Anyway, other than that it was a pretty good movie.  Nate loved it.


On the actual day of Thanksgiving we went to my mom’s house in Cottonwood Heights.  We had a nice meal and we stayed and hung out with my family for most of the day.  I didn’t even take one picture of our feast, just a few of us playing games.  After we ate we played games, Nate fell asleep in the middle of Passwords.  He missed some funny moments though.  My mom was trying to get us to guess the word tattle.  Here were her three clues:  rat,  tale,  mommy.  We thought she said tail, and I was so so confused.  What does rattail mommy have to do with anything?   So we were guessing mullet and ratlings and all sorts of crazy things.  Oh man.  Then later I was giving the clues for the word arthritis so my first clue was joint.  My mom yells out “MARIJUANA!”  Literally yells it.   I seriously almost peed my pants.  I seriously wonder if I was adopted.   So we had a low key Thanksgiving and Nate and I slept in on Friday, no Black Friday shopping for us this year.   My brother came and spent the night at our apartment.  We took him back to Cottonwood Heights and visited my mom  for a few hours.   Anyway, that was our holiday.  It was nice for me to have Nate home for so many days.  I’m not looking forward to Monday.  I am hoping to put up our Christmas decorations this coming weekend.  I LOVE this time of year!  Hopefully you all had a wonderful holiday too! 





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