Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas- I Finally Went to the Doctor

It's officially Christmas Eve, my favorite day of the year! Merry Christmas everyone! We are going to be enjoying our families over the next few days and I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday.

So, after a few more days of feeling so sick I finally went to the doctor. Nate and my mom ganged up on me and made me go. However, I am glad I went. Can I just say how much I love my doctor? Dr. Brockbank is the absolute best. So Nate drags me to the doctor and Dr. B talks to me and runs a urine test, and next thing I know I am laying there with some girl trying to start an IV in my arm (worst part of the day, pretty sure I don't want you poking around the same vein for 10 minutes, no joke, she ended up starting one in my wrist). Apparently I really was sick. I had tons of sugar in my urine and my blood sugar was really high. This can be a side effect of my PCOS, I had been on metformin, although it seems it wasn't doing it's job. The high blood sugars explains my nausea/vomiting, my sweats/chills, my extreme thirst and dry mouth, and my need to urinate every 5 minutes. After the IV and some nausea medicine I was already feeling a lot better. For the next few days I have to check my blood sugars at home and give myself insulin shots each night. I need to track my blood sugars and I see the doctor again Monday morning. As far as the lady pain goes, nothing major seems to be going on, just some cyst pain from the PCOS.

So yah, that's what is going on. I'm glad I went to the doctor. He said I would have just continued to get sicker and sicker. I already feel much improved. I had just been to see him early last week for my monthly med check so I felt kinda dumb showing up a week and a half later, but it seems I needed to go. Nate and my mom are happy. I feel more at ease knowing what is going on. Hopefully I can survive the shots, although the finger pokes hurt way more than the shots. I see Dr. Brockbank again Monday, but I am sure I will have nothing but good news then. Thank you all for the kind thoughts and well wishes, I really needed it. Merry Christmas!

P.S. Since this blog is about both Nate and me, though lately I have been talking a lot about myself, let's talk about Nate. Nate is doing really well. Work is going great for him, his health is good, he is growing a beard, and he is loving this new show called American Ninja Warrior. It is this crazy extreme obstacle course competition. In fact we are watching it right now at one in the morning. Check it out!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Okay, I am not going to post anymore about having good days!  Every time I do, I have a bad day that follows.   I must jinx myself.  Anyway, I am feeling sick and Nate is still at work and no one is answering their phone so I figured I would vent on my blog.  I’m sick, but I’m not sick.  Let me explain.  I have to take  19 prescription pills every single day (thank you PCOS and your lame side effects).    Some of the prescriptions make me have a really dry mouth.  If my mouth gets to dry I start to gag and then  I throw up.   This is why you always see me with a water bottle.  I also have to pack a gallon size ziploc bag around in my purse.   I learned that lesson after  I threw up in the car.   I know, so attractive.   I don’t feel sick, I just throw up.  It happens on average two or three times a week.  I feel sick, throw up, and then I am totally fine and I carry on my day.  Not a big deal, I can handle it.    But the past  5 days I have been throwing up.   I have been getting sick multiple times a day and feeling so so nauseated.  This is not the usual.  I also have had some random lady pains, not cramps, pains I only had during our fertility procedures.  I am absolutely not pregnant, let’s just get that clear.  I am as infertile as they come.     I WebMd’d my symptoms (nausea and pain) and I don’t find any good diagnoses.  I just saw my doctor at the beginning of last week so I don’t really want to go back.   Thoughts anyone?  Suggestions?  Advice?   Basically I just don’t feel good and want some sympathy.   Sorry, I always get a bit sad at Christmas-time that we still don’t have any children.  Next month also marks 3 1/2 years that we have been trying.  I just had a few things happen lately that make me feel really sad about my infertility.  I just need a few days to get over it and then I will be back to normal.  Thanks for reading, sorry for the graphic descriptions :). 

P.S.  Is anyone looking at the family recipe blog?  I feel totally lame  that I have posted like 10 x more than anyone else.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Christmas Time

Oh man, today was good. I was able to do two of my favorite Christmas activities, wrapping presents and driving around looking at Christmas lights. I LOVE wrapping presents, LOVE it! Drop your gifts off at my place and I would be happy to wrap them for you! Tonight for Family Home Evening we went and drove around looking at Christmas lights. We have these fun glasses that turn the lights into fun shapes. We blasted our Christmas music and had so much fun just talking and driving. I've been a bit of a scrooge this year, and haven't been too excited for Christmas. Someone is doing the 12 Days of Christmas to us this year and I have to say, it really has brightened my mood. So if it is you, THANK YOU! Merry Christmas! Soon I will have to post some pictures of our decorations.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Family Recipe Blog

Oh man, I so need to be cleaning, we are having company tonight. Oh well, I've been posting on our new family recipe blog! That's right folks we have a family recipe blog. It is Durfee Family Recipes. So come on over and take a look! If you want to contribute, just send me your recipe and I can add it, or if you are familiar with blogging, send me your email and I will add you as an author. To be able to add a recipe, check your inbox for an invitation, then click on the link to be added as an author. Once you have done this then you can post away! I need lots of new ideas for fun dinners, so everyone better be posting tons! Also, post your kitchen tips or fun food websites for the rest of us to enjoy! If there is stuff you would like to see on the blog, let me know, I am open to suggestions. Happy cooking Durfee girls, and those of us who have married in!

Just click the image to go directly to the recipe blog!