Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Keith

I have the most handsome nephew. Not only is he super cute, he has a darling little personality! I truly feel so privileged to have been able to watch him grow. Keith has two fantastic parents that have been so good about letting us play with and spoil him. Every time I see Keith, he brightens my day. Today Keith is turning two years old! He is so grown up, I can hardly stand it! I wish Keith a very very happy birthday today. I hope two is a super fun year for him.

I have taken hundreds of photos of Keith. He is so cute, every time I get my camera out and say, "cheese," he gives me a fantastic smile. He loves it if you show him the photos when you are done. This "cheese" face is how I will always remember him at this age.

I love when Keith comes over to our apartment. I love that he feels comfortable enough to walk around and explore. He knows where we keep our food and loves when I give him treats. Nate and I love having one on one time with Keith. Nate loves that when Keith comes over they can watch cartoons together. Notice how they have the same expression on their faces. I guess cartoons entertain boys of all ages.

Most of all, we love how fun and loving Keith is. He is always giving kisses. He started adding a little "mmmwah" sound with his kisses. So cute! Keith has the best and most sincere laugh. He is so entertaining to be around. We had a family party last Sunday and Amanda (Keith's mom) made the cutest dinosaur cake. Of course Keith loved it, and I'm told it tastes better when you eat it with cars!

Oh Keith, we love you so much! You are such a fantastic addition to the family. Happy Birthday!

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Lola said...

He's so cute!! :)