Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Facts

So I spend what feels like a million hours scrapbooking today and I need a break. One thing I noticed about my scrapbooking is that I need to do more pages of everyday moments, the simple things that make us who we are, funny things Nate says, our date nights, things like that. In the spirit of celebrating the simple things here are a few random (and little known) facts about me. Enjoy!

* I am freakishly good at guessing the temperature of a room. No joke, I can tell you the exact temperature of a room. Seriously, just ask Nate, I'm good.

*I refuse to sing in public. I was once told that I had an awful voice after singing in church one day, and I haven't sang in public since. I will however rock out to Pandora when I am at home alone. I always play music when I cook or clean and I think I sound just fine. One time my neighbor in the apartment upstairs told me she could hear me, so embarrassing! I try and sing more quietly now.

*When I am home alone I cannot have silence. It freaks me out, I have to have music or a book playing on my ipod or have the tv on. I have to feel like there are other people there with me. The only time it is silent is when I read, which is not very often.

*I consider myself a better cook than my mom. Please don't tell her. Don't worry, she doesn't read my blog. Does that make me an awful person? I'm not sure.

*I am a fast reader, always have been, and I hope I always will be. I'm no champion speed reader, but I read faster than the average bear. I enjoy reading, I need to read more, I just feel like I never have time!

*I really like my handwriting. Oh my gosh, that sounds so vain! Do you ever have those days when you seriously can't think of one good thing about yourself? Well every once in a while I do, and I remind myself that at least I have decent handwriting.

*I still get jealous when I think girls are being overly friendly to my husband. One time we were going through a drive through and Nate handed over his debit card to pay. The little cashier girl asked if the picture of the snowboarder on the card was him. Oh my gosh, you should have heard the way she said it and the stupid smile on her face! She was totally flirting with him! And his ring was on his finger and I was there in the passenger seat! Slut!

*When I was growing up I really really wanted my name to be Montana Jo. Okay, stop laughing and let me explain. First of all, this was a secret that was going to be taken to the grave, but I made the mistake of telling Benji and Amanda and they thought it was so hilarious and of course they kept bringing it up. Amanda is now pregnant with a little girl, I offered to let them use the name Montana Jo and they said no. So rude! Okay, here is the story. I have an older half sister who is named Tori Jo. Tori is 14 years older than me, so I have some super fun memories of sleeping over at her apartment and hanging out with her and her roommates when I was like 8 or 9. So since she was Tori Jo, I figured I could be Tana Jo (that would be my nickname) and everyone would think we were so cool. I also really liked the name Brooke growing up, that was my second choice.

*Here's another fun fact about young Kim. I used to get perms. The sad part is that my bangs got permed too. Keep in mind that I was young, really young, and that it was totally my mom's fault! It was the 90's people!! No, do not even ask to see pictures.

Okay folks, laugh it up, laugh it up. Hopefully that made your Wednesday a little bit better. I wonder if I have any friends left after this post. Feel free to share embarrassing facts about yourselves in the comments! Ha! Okay, I need to get back to scrapbooking.


Elizabeth said...

Kim, your voice sounded so good when I heard you belting it! 100 times better than mine! But who's comparing? ;) And my mom gave me perms too. The best was when my bro. used some leftover perm on his hair. lol....

Nichole said...

Love it!! hahahah!!

Dawney said...

Love it! :) I am sure your voice is beautiful! At some point in our lives you and me- we are goin on a little road trip. While driving we are going to roll the windows down and belt every song we ever wanted to sing!!! ;)
Have fun scrapin, TJ! (couldn't help it-sorry =D )

Stefanie said...

You are so cool.