Monday, April 4, 2011

Why I Don't Bring Nate Grocery Shopping

We had to go get some groceries tonight. Midway through the trip I told Nate, "I feel like I am grocery shopping with a little kid!" True statement, here's why. Grocery shopping takes a LOT longer when I bring Nate, he thinks everything looks good and likes to dawdle. Me, I bring a list and I know exactly what I need during the trip so I don't have to back track. I also don't like it when I have to stop and wait for him to catch up, why can't he just walk alongside me? We were walking past the freezer section and Nate saw those Kid Cuisine frozen dinners. Do you know the ones I'm talking about? The blue boxes with the penguin on the front? He told me that he would always ask for them when he was little and he never got one. So then I felt totally bad and told him he could get one. He also ended up getting these airhead flavored popsicles, he really wanted to try the white mystery flavor. Long story short, I love Nathan, he is amazing, and tonight he reminded me that I love how young at heart he is!

P.S. Does anybody want a Kid Cuisine, I don't think Nate will really eat it.