Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So I have dabbled in the world of couponing before. I never truly understood it and I never really seemed to reap the benefits. I have now come to know that I was going about it all wrong! Nate has a super cute cousin, Alisha, that was so sweet and took the time to go over the whole process with me. Today was my first shopping trip taking advantage of price matching and coupon doubling at Walmart. I have to say, one trip and I am hooked! I love my coupon binder and I can't wait until my next set of newspapers come!

Here is part of my shopping trip today:

Haribo Gummy Bears - $0.37 each
Frosted Flakes - $0.25 box
Kool Aid 5 Packs - free
Comet - $0.97 each
5 Gum - $0.78 each
Cookie Crisps - $0.48 box
Lunchables - $1.29 each
Candles - free

Total before price matching and coupons - $39.02
Total out of pocket - $9.84
Total savings - $29.18 or 74%

I was pretty pleased with myself. I spent less than $10 for everything and it would have cost me more than that to just buy 3 boxes of the cereal at full price! Here are some pictures of my binder. I love it. It makes the system manageable for me. I was able to organize it just the way I wanted it and I am really enjoying the process.

Needless to say, I am totally hooked on couponing now! Thanks again Alisha!


Mary said...

Ok, now can you explain it to the rest of us. How to be successful. Where you get coupons from, etc

Thank you!

asrubin10 said...

yes! please explain-I've tried my best at couponing yet I still don't really understand how to do it. I just search for what I can find and that's it...I feel like I never really come across great deals. where do you find all these great coupons?

Alisha said...

Wow, Kim!!!! You did so Awesome! I also love your binder. I tell you people keep telling me they can't coupon due to the cost of the news papers. Hummmm I think you just proved my point that you can't afford not to coupon with without spending a little bit of money for the papers and watch your pantry grow.