Friday, October 14, 2011

In Which We Look for the Silver Lining

So funny story. Last week on our date, Nate and I were talking about how even though we are missing a huge blessing, children, we have a pretty darn good life. We have a fantastic marriage, Nate has a great job, I am blessed to be able to stay home, we get to spend a lot of time together, etc. We really are so blessed. This was the tenor of our conversation and we had a great weekend.
Then comes this week, I had a bad migraine and my foot has been hurting like crazy. It's my right foot and it KILLS when I step down on it. It's the back outside of my foot and my heel. I've been walking on my toes on that foot so I don't have to step down all the way. This morning Nate told me that he was sick and tired of me hobbling around and that I needed to make a doctor's appointment. He offered to come with me. I only agreed because I knew if I came I could con him into getting a flu shot. I know! I'm a mean mean wife.
Anyway, lots of pain, two shots, a few x-rays, and several mental curses later, I am now the proud new owner of a boot! Can you tell how thrilled I am? Not. At least I convinced them to not make me have crutches and a boot. He told me I have a sprained ankle and really bad plantar faciitis (some swollen something or other). So yah, I've got a boot for the next little bit.
Moral of the story: we are still so blessed. Now we will just be sure to mention how grateful we are for modern medicine in our prayers. It's been a bit harder to feel blessed this week, but I know we are!

Nate assures me that boots are the "in" shoe for fall. Thanks babe.

I beg of you, please ignore the extreme contrast of my black boot and my shockingly white leg. Please.


The Durfee Family said...

Wow Kim! Not fun! I hope you get feeling better!

Lizzie said...

Sounds like fun... :) I just love readin' your blog! =D