Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! It wouldn't be fitting if I didn't acknowledge my husband's favorite holiday. I started out the day with an MRI of my foot, yah, it's still hurting all the time and the podiatrist wants an MRI. I see him again Thursday to get the results. I spent the afternoon baking. Nate starts his master's degree program tomorrow so we are going to party tonight! We've got lots of full size candy bars to hand out tonight and in fact we've already had our first trick-or-treaters! Cute Steph, Eliza, and Anna came by this afternoon to show off their costumes. Yes, I actually know the kids in the photo, I don't take pictures of random kids. Nate may convince me to watch a scary movie with him tonight, but I am secretly hoping for Hocus Pocus, the best Halloween movie! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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