Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Proud Big Sister Moment

I need to take a moment and brag about my little sister Kelley. Kelley found out today that she was accepted into the nursing program at Yale University! Yale!!! My sister is ivy league material. She was also accepted to Vanderbilt. I could not be more proud. Kelley is super smart, talented, and one of the most determined people I know. Seriously, if she sets her mind to do something she will make it happen. I really look up to Kelley in a lot of ways, even if she is the younger sister. Way to go Kelley!

In other news. I scrubbed toilets and bathroom floors today. That doesn't sound nearly as momentous as being excepted to Yale on Leap Day. But when all is said and done, I love being a wife. I was married by this time when I was Kelley's age. Our lives have taken different paths, but I don't regret my choice to marry young at all. I love being married to Nate and all that it entails. Sure there is a tiny part of me that is jealous of Kelley, but I think that's only natural. I wouldn't trade her places. See, since I turned 26 yesterday, I am suddenly full of wisdom!

P.S. Thanks for all the birthday texts, phone calls and facebook messages yesterday. I so appreciate everyone's thoughtfulness. I sure felt loved!

Why yes, I am the oldest and the shortest sibling. Thanks for asking. Kelley was 16 in this photo, and she's always been adorable.


Danny and Amelia said...

Hey Kim! Long time! I found your blog from Whitney Hawkins blog. It sounds like you are loving life despite it's challenges ; )

Heather and Devin said...

Happy belated birthday, Kim! I love your post...being a wifey is a great thing, and I'm glad you're enjoying it! Love you!

Dawney said...

Wow! how exciting for her! :) Happy birthday by the way- I hope it was wonderful!