Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holy smokes! We've been so busy the last little while! Our blog has definitely taken a back seat lately. Since I'm failing miserably at my journaling goal for the year I figure I should at least update the blog every so often. I'm happy to report that we've been busy doing fun things. Minus today, today was bathroom cleaning day. I have been pretty good about updating the recipe blog. I have been cooking up a storm. We've added some new family favorites and I've been a bit more brave too. I made potstickers form scratch and they turned out amazing! You must try them! Go browse Durfee Family Recipes and get cooking. A huge thank to Aunt Denise for fixing my apron for me! Nate's been crazy busy with work, school (only a year left of his masters program!), and he is nearly halfway through P90X. He is doing great! His beard is back in preparation for mustache May. Yay (said in the most sarcastic tone imaginable). We took a quick trip up to visit my grandparents this weekend. I drove the whole way there and Nate slept. Don't worry that my one arm got so sunburned! I look ridiculous with one red arm. Crazy. My cute grandparents were so happy to see us and totally spoiled us the whole time. We were only gone for one night and on the way home Nate drove and I slept. Worked out great! So don't worry that Sarah and Mike have introduced us to Roxberry smoothies, and we now have to go at least once or twice a week! Seriously, they are so good. Thank goodness Roxberry accepts competitor coupons! Nate's family came to visit for about a week and a half. They had family things planned every day, they sure made the most of their time here! Nate and my 5th anniversary is just around the corner. I can hardly believe it. We are buying a grill for our anniversary and we are so looking forward to it. We've been totally spoiled with good weather lately, it's been so nice. I'm debating about having a little herb garden this year. Any advice? I'm also working on a big home decor project that I can't wait to reveal. I think that about catches us up on everything. I've got some pictures to post, but they need to be edited first.

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