Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Caved

That's right, the rumors are true. Nate and I are going camping tomorrow. After 5 years I finally gave in. I agreed to go last year and we had the tent and everything, things just never seemed to work out. Tomorrow is a definite. In fact Nate and Ricky are currently setting up the tents at our campsite, which we picked out last night. The boys were worried our spot would be taken that they are setting up the tents a night early. I have to admit, the site is really gorgeous. It has a little boardwalk which leads you into the campsite, a nice clearing for tents, plenty of trees around for privacy. There was even a rabbit just chillin' on the side of the boardwalk. It was kinda awesome to see one up close. I wish I had had my camera! It's on the packing list for sure. That's right, I've got a list so I don't forget vital things like hand sanitizer, bug spray, sunscreen, and clorox wipes. You know, the essentials. I've been to the store twice today, we have enough food for a week, and my husband is so excited you'd think it was Christmas Eve. It's honestly so cute to me, seeing how excited he is. I'd do anything to see that big grin on his face. And I'm proving that by going camping! In all seriousness, and don't tell Nate this, I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow, I think I just may have a really good time.

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