Saturday, January 5, 2013

November 2012 Recap

I feel like such a terrible blogger. I barely posted last year. I am behind in journal keeping, blogging, and especially scrapbooking. I don't even remember the last time I got to photoshop anything for me and Nate. It was one project after another for others. I seriously think it's been about six months since I last made a scrapbook page. I am going to do better this year! So here is an attempt to get caught back up. Here are some highlights from our November.

The first part of November is always fun at our house. Keeping with tradition we celebrate the 12 Days of Nate. Since Nate's birthday falls on the 12th he gets a fun treat or small gift everyday for 12 days leading up to his birthday. We also started something new this year. I had Nate choose 4 dinners for me to make, anything he wanted. It didn't even have to be things I liked. Nate requested baked tacos, his favorite Mexican dip, and two new recipes- chicken alfredo biscuit bake, and chicken fried steak casserole. Also to celebrate, we went out to Brazilian pizza one night followed by the new James Bond movie - so fun! All in all, Nate had a great birthday.

Yes, that is hard boiled egg on the pizza. They definitely have some different combinations.

Dessert pizza. Nate was super bummed that it wasn't the hot gooey pizza he used to eat in Brazil.

It was our year to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. My sister is in Tennessee in nurse practioner school and so it was just Nate and I, my mom and brother this year. Don't worry that my brother decided this year that turkey is boring and that he wanted ham. So we had a turkey and a ham for 4 people. To say there were leftovers would be an understatement! Nate decided that there was a sale too good to pass up at a Black Friday sale. So early Thursday evening we trekked to the store to sit in line for a new tv. Nate is so thrilled with the addition to our living room. :)

The last day of November was a whirlwind. I spent most of the day in Salt Lake with my mom while she had a procedure done on her eye. Then on my way home, Nate called to let me know Brandon and Julianna invited us to go to the Festival of Trees. Of course I said yes, I love seeing all the trees, and it's a great start to the holiday season. Julianna's sister made this darling baking tree, so cute!

I love this fishing tree.

This is the tree Julianna's sister made.

Made entirely from soda cans, crazy!

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