Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So Far

No introduction, no apologies for lack of blogging consistency, I am just going to dive right in.

2013 has flown by so far. Flown by! Nate and I have been busy busy busy. At the end of February we celebrated my birthday (no, you don't need to know how old I am) and it was such a fun birthday! My mom was working in Utah county that day so I got to see her on my actual birthday which hasn't happened in a long time. Nate totally spoiled me with gifts and that evening lots of our friends and family got together and we went out to dinner. The service was abysmal but we had great company and lots of laughs. In March Nate went on his first business trip to Manhattan and we had to spend 3 nights/4 days apart, by far the longest we've ever been separated. We made it through though and Nate had a good time. He has another trip to St. Paul, MN coming up next. Nate's family came into town (just before his trip) and they stayed with us for a couple nights and then rotated through the other married siblings. It was good to see everyone and during the week they were here we had 2 birthday parties, a family reunion, a baptism, and a missionary farewell. Talk about a busy week, lots of family time! Easter was a low key day (which was good), Nate made ribs for our Easter dinner and of course we had our tradition of Easter baskets. My basket was awesome, it was a new purse. Love my purse. In March we payed off our other car and so no more car payments for us! They are both ours free and clear. Nate has been busy with his master's program, only 6 more months to go! Both of us are ready for him to be done. Work has been going well for Nate. I've been busy with some new photography classes, this month's class is all about photo editing and I've been loving it! I finally scrapbooked! After months of being too busy to scrapbook anything for Nate and I, I finally got around to making some pages for our family book. I'm just about ready to order another book. I also signed up for some sewing classes which I'm really excited about. We've got our camping trips for the summer planned and now we're looking forward to summer. Gosh, I think that's about it for us. I still need to be better about taking more pictures, but here are some from the year so far.

New Year's Day at my mom's house. She made wifflers which are a family favorite that my grandma has made for years and years.

I don't have one normal picture of my brother and sister together from the last decade! They are ridiculous and either they both are adopted or I am adopted. Personally I think they were dropped off on our front porch by circus folk.

This is from my birthday. I'm so appreciative for everyone who helped us celebrate! We're missing Josh, Benji, Amanda, and Nate in this photo.

Being dropped off at the airport to head to NYC!

This is the view from Nate's hotel room.

Nate at the 9/11 memorial.

Ugh! I always space taking pics of the whole family when everyone is in town. This is the only I took.