Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spring - Mid Summer

April 2013
Nate traveled again for work in April. He went to St. Paul, Minnesota for a few days to visit 3M. It was a successful trip even if he only sent me one picture the whole time!

Nate really wants to add smoking to his cooking repertoire. He is really good at grilling but wants to improve his smoking skills. He made his first pulled pork butt and it turned out really well. Great work Nate!

My sister came home for a visit at the end of the month and while she was in town we made a quick trip to Idaho to visit my grandparents.

May 2013
In early May, Nate and I were able to get away to Park City for a much needed break. Thanks Smiths for letting us use your timeshare. We invited our good friends the Taggarts to come with and we had a blast.

We spent Memorial Day morning with Brandon, Julianna, and Jack fishing at Payson Lakes. It was freezing! We did however have lots of success.

The last weekend in May we had some groupons about to expire so we trekked to downtown Salt Lake to eat at Maxwell's Pizza. We went with the Robbins and Bryce. Sarah taught us how to eat New York style pizza and I think I like that kind of pizza better than regular crust.

June 2013
We started out June celebrating our sixth anniversary! It's been a great six years. Since our anniversary fell on a Sunday we made dinner. We made copy cat Tucano's garlic steak and Nate's favorite potatoes. So yummy! Definitely an indulgent meal, but hey, we were celebrating!

One Saturday in June we went up to Silver Lake Flats with my brother and fished. Yah, turns out it was free fishing day and it was way crowded, no more fishing on free fishing day for us.

Of course we went camping, Nate's favorite summer past time. We made a quick one night trip up to Strawberry Reservoir with my brother and our pals the Robbins. Fishing was amazing that weekend, we even ate some trout for breakfast.

We ended the month with a big group date night. Dinner at Red Robin followed by seeing Man of Steel at the drive-in. Um yah, not sure we'll visit the drive-in again, kinda sketchy, but we had fun with our family and friends.

July 2013 so far
At the beginning of July we had a new nephew born. Cute Henry is Brandon and Julianna's second little boy and he is such a handsome guy!

Nate's family in Oregon came down to see Henry and stayed for a few weeks. While they were here we took Nate's three youngest siblings camping at Payson Lakes. Despite some rain we had a fun time.

Also while in town Nate's brother Aaron received his mission call. He has been called to serve in the Gilbert, Arizona mission. So far a fun month!

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Mike and Sarah R said...

We have had so much fun with you guys! Hope there's many more adventures to come!! :) Love you both!