Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day/Adoption Process

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! Of course my valentine is Nate and we had a great date last night and have fun plans for tonight too.
After dinner last night we had an adoption class. Yep, we're super serious about getting all our stuff in for adoption this year. It's our number one goal this year. We've set a deadline for ourselves and are well on our way. Last night's class was a birth parent panel. So eye opening! Nate and I don't know anyone who's adopted, I mean apart from some couples in our ward, but no close friends or family members. Listening to those amazing girls last night was just that, amazing. Even though Nate and I are set on adoption and feel it's the right choice for our family, I have such a new appreciation for adoption after last night's class. God is good and He has such a hand in every part of the adoption process, it's such an inspired program. Both Nate and I left last night feeling solidified in our decision and so so grateful for birth parents.
That's the main thing going on with us right now. Nate is loving being done with school, although the other day he let me know that he does want to go back for a PhD someday. He and Brandon (his brother) are taking a computer programming class right now and are doing well. We've had several family members move lately and so Nate and his truck have been moving machines the past few weekends. Nate is moving another brother tomorrow and then he's going to head to the hunting expo in Salt Lake, he's super excited. I'm looking forward to a cooking class we're attending next week. Yep, Amanda and I went to one in December and had so much fun that we are bringing our husbands along this time. It's an Asian class and we're learning to make wonton soup, lettuce wraps, and General Tao's chicken which is Nate's favorite Chinese dish. I'm really excited for the class. Ugh, I've been horrible at taking pictures so far this year, but I resolve to do better! So that's the update with us for now.

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