Friday, March 14, 2014

Catch Up

So we've been busy lately! This week for example we've had at least one thing every single night! Tonight we babysat Jack and Henry and had a blast like usual. I can't believe how active Henry is getting, he'll be crawling in no time. Nate built Jack a fort and Jack thought it was pretty darn cool. His favorite part was jumping from the ottoman onto the tent into Nate's waiting arms and then asking Nate to rebuild the fort. Silly kid. I hope he always thinks we're as cool as he does now.

Earlier in the week we met with our adoption case worker and got a big ol' stack of paperwork to work on. We've made a big dent in it since Wednesday and on our online portion too. We're so happy to be moving forward and to be making actual progress one sheet of paper at a time. Thursday night we had another adoption class and this class was titled "What to Expect When You're Adopting." Another class we're happy we attended. It was a basic question and answer forum with two couples who had adopted before with LDS Family Services. I always get a lot out of our classes.

Nate's been busy with his scouts calling. Though they didn't have any boys show up to scouts this week. He's also been busy with target practice (shooting his bow). He practices almost every day after work. Nate's going to the sportsman's expo tomorrow to attend an elk hunting class. He's really looking forward to it.

I'm going to Idaho tomorrow with my mom and aunt to visit my grandparents. They go every weekend and I try to go with them once a month. It's always good to see my grandparents and we get a lot of work done for them while we're there.

Nate and I are planning on Mexican food for date night tomorrow. It's Nate's turn to choose and I can count on him almost always choosing Mexican food. It'll be a good date no matter what we do.

I think that catches us up for the last week or so. We've got another busy week ahead of us and it'll be summer before we know it!

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