Monday, March 31, 2014

Moving and Meetings

Oh goodness, Nate should have been a mover! He's helped four people in the past two months move. Everyone is moving! We moved my brother Josh on Saturday and it wasn't too bad, he doesn't have too much stuff. We were able to take it all in just one trip between two trucks and a car. The four of us (Nate, me, my mom and Josh) were able to load up all his stuff in just over an hour. Did I mention he hadn't packed a thing? That's right, nothing! Oh well, we made it work. After moving and unloading Josh was nice and bought us all lunch. He was very appreciative for our help.

Later Saturday evening I went to the General Women's Meeting. I was invited to go with Katie, Steph, and Amelia, but I wasn't sure what time we'd be done with moving and they were going to dinner early before the meeting. It was a good meeting, the common theme seemed to be about covenants. Making and keeping covenants. I went early to get a soft seat and my cute visiting teacher ended up sitting next to me so I was happy to sit with someone I knew. All in all a really good meeting. We're looking forward to General Conference this coming weekend.

While I was at the women's meeting, Nate played racquetball with his dad. We ended up getting home at the exact same time and then since it was still light we went over to the in-laws' so Nate could shoot his bow. After that we went to the store and finally, after all was said and done we had dinner about 10 pm. A busy day, but a really good day.

My cute mom. Notice her truck twin in the background.

Even the cab of our truck was filled to the brim!

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