Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I know we had a good time with Nate off work and spending time with family. We spent Sunday afternoon at my mom's house having lunch and watching a movie. Monday we had a picnic with Nate's family and played in the park. I made baked beans for the first time for the picnic. Nate loves baked beans so it was high time I learned to make them! He was really pleased with the result, so that was good. I think the little kids had the most fun with the playground and Grandma Smith's parachute. It was a good kick off to summer. I can't believe summer is here!

Little Lacey with cute Aunt Amelia.

Steph and Jake.

The older boys playing frisbee.

I wish Nate wasn't cut off in this picture, I'm so bummed it doesn't show him catching the frisbee.

Grandma Smith helping to teach Keith how to bat.

Parachute time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day and Snow Cones

We were able to go and visit both our moms for Mother's Day. We have early church and so does my mom so we went up right after our block and made lunch for my mom. Don't worry, we totally forgot her present at the house, I felt so dumb. Of course she didn't mind and was just happy to have us there. After being at my mom's for a few hours we headed back to Utah county and went to Nate's parents' house. We remembered our gift this time! Since it was Mother's Day, Nate's brother Aaron got to call from his mission. We all got to skype and see Aaron and he is doing really well. I had intentions of taking more pictures. I made Nate take a pic of me and my mom and I wanted to get one of him and his mom too, but I totally failed.

For FHE last night we got our first snow cones of the year. Yum! It's our favorite summertime treat. Speaking of summer, it's just over a month 'til our first camping trip. Nate is getting so excited. We buy one new accessory for camping each year. This year we bought a camp chef portable stove. Costco had a deal on one with three burners and that came with an additional dutch oven. We could definitely use another dutch oven since some of Nate's family is coming with us this first trip. We've got the menu all planned for our trip and we can't wait to use our camp chef!

Nate's snow cone, sour blue raspberry, our favorite.

Here's a picture we found online of our new camp chef.