Sunday, June 29, 2014

Spartan Race

Nate and several colleagues ran Reebok's Spartan Race yesterday. It's a 12 mile race full of obstacles. There is everything from tire pulling to spear throwing to climbing. If you can't complete an obstacle you have to do 30 burpees. The last quarter mile of the race is a straight up mud pit, Nate and his group were totally covered in mud by the end. The race also provides showers so people can semi clean up afterwards. Nate said he had so much fun and that he definitely wants to do it again next year. I'm so proud of Nate, when sets a goal he works so hard to achieve it. Way to go Landesk crew!

This is after they'd all had a chance to shower and get some of the mud off.

Nate's finisher medal.

Nate in Waco

Most of this past week Nate was in Waco, Texas for work. He went to Baylor University to do some work for his company. Overall he said he had a good time minus the humidity. He went running one morning and said he came back absolutely soaked. He and his colleagues had dinner at a nice steak house one night where Nate dined on a bison ribeye steak, they also had barbecue several times while in Texas. The worst part of his trip for me was that his plane home got delayed and he didn't get in until 1235 am! I was beyond ready to see him so I felt a little put out :). However, he's home now and I love having him back.

I had Nate take a selfie each morning and send it to me. Made me feel like he was a bit closer.

One of their trips to a barbecue joint.

A photo from Nate's run.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Camping at Moon Lake

This past weekend we went camping at Moon Lake with some of Nate's family. His mom, dad, and sisters Stephanie and Amelia came with us. This was our first camp-out of the summer. Nate was so excited to go. This was our first time going to Moon Lake so we weren't exactly sure what to expect. Our campsite couldn't have been better. We had a double site so we could fit both cars and both tents. We were decently close to the bathrooms and had a great view of the lake. Our luck did not carry over to our fishing though. We went out fishing three times and didn't catch a single thing, not even a good bite! Needless to say we were disappointed with fishing, but otherwise we had a good time. Moon Lake is definitely on our list to visit again.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy Anniversary

We celebrated our anniversary yesterday. Yay, love you Nate! We celebrated by getting a snow cone after Nate got home from work and then going out to dinner later that night. For dinner we went to Chin Wah, our favorite Chinese restaurant. We had a good dinner and it was just nice to spend time together. Nate is excited about having leftover fried rice for today :). I can't believe we've been married seven years now! Thanks babe for seven great years and lots of wonderful memories.