Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nate in Waco

Most of this past week Nate was in Waco, Texas for work. He went to Baylor University to do some work for his company. Overall he said he had a good time minus the humidity. He went running one morning and said he came back absolutely soaked. He and his colleagues had dinner at a nice steak house one night where Nate dined on a bison ribeye steak, they also had barbecue several times while in Texas. The worst part of his trip for me was that his plane home got delayed and he didn't get in until 1235 am! I was beyond ready to see him so I felt a little put out :). However, he's home now and I love having him back.

I had Nate take a selfie each morning and send it to me. Made me feel like he was a bit closer.

One of their trips to a barbecue joint.

A photo from Nate's run.

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