Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mid November

We've been having a busy month! It's seems like we've had something going on most every night. Nate had an awesome birthday. We had his family over for some ice cream on his actual birthday and later that weekend we had date night. Nate chose Mexican food for date night and then we hit up a new donut shop. Nate told me he was going in for two donuts and came out with a half dozen. He said that there were too many good choices.

Nate's best birthday present was our adoption approval and we were so excited. This photo was taken that night, we were so excited. You can check out our adoption profile here.

The week after Nate's birthday, he had to travel for work. He only travels for work like a twice a year, which is nice for me. This trip was another one to Texas. He flew back in on Wednesday and we went straight from the airport to Park City to spend some time with Nate's family. Nate's dad has a time share up there and we had fun just hanging out with family. However, I failed to take a single picture!

Since it's an off year for Thanksgiving with Nate's family, they decided to do a Pre-Thanksgiving this past Sunday. Nate and I were in charge of a pie and stuffing. I was grateful for an easier food assignment since I've got this darn cold. I made a white chocolate cream pie per Nate's request and he really seemed to enjoy it. The dinner turned out so nice. Everyone pitched in and made it a good night, we missed Zak, Domonique, and Clementine though!

Well that's what we've been up to so far this month, and we've got more plans still to come!

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