Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dipping Pretzels

Nate's favorite holiday treat are these dipped pretzels. We have made them every year for the past few years. This year Nate asked if we could make some for our neighbor gifts and for his colleagues at work. Now we've only ever done a bag or two of pretzels at a time. This year we made 7 pounds of pretzels, 7 pounds! It took us three days to get it all done. The first day, Nate's cute brother Jake came to help us. We spent lots of hours working, but I think it was worth it. Everyone seemed to enjoy them and there was even a small amount left over for Nate to have some, which he really liked.

Nate was in a sling for a few days, but he is doing better now after some physical therapy. But he still had to help with dipping pretzels!

Cute Jake helping us out.

The finished product ready for delivery! I found these cute treat bags at Target, there were also some that were striped red with black and white stickers. We thought they were pretty cute.

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