Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas!

We had such a nice Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve dinner with my mom and little sister, and had a nice ham dinner. Then we swung by Nate's parents' house and visited with them for a little bit. That evening we snuggled and watched a Christmas show before falling asleep. Nate set his alarm for 5 am, like usual he can't wait to open presents on Christmas morning, he's like a kid at Christmastime. As is our tradition, Nate and I spend Christmas morning just the two of us. Nate read us the story of Christ's birth from the scriptures and then we went downstairs to open gifts. We both were totally spoiled. Nate went to take out the garbage and we were shocked to see that there about a foot of snow on our back steps. Nate and I went to his parents' for lunch at 1 pm and it was nice to have his whole family there. That evening we stopped by my mom's place and played some games with my mom and sister. A busy day, but a nice day. We were tired when we got home, but we both commented on how much we love Christmas and love having so much time together at this holiday season. Christmas is always a little hard for us. It such a family oriented season, and it's hard to not have children this time of year. But Nate does a great job of making me feel loved and I'm so grateful to share my Christmas with him.

Christmas morning.

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Prep

My favorite holiday is coming soon! I love all things Christmas. My goal is to have all my Christmas decorations and tree up by December 1st each year. Then I get to relax and enjoy them all month long. So this last Monday for family night, Nate and I got to work decorating. We got a new tree this year and I love how big and full and grand it is. The only part of decorating I don't like is fluffing/straightening out the tree branches, but it's so worth it in the end. I've been enjoying the last five days of having the tree on all day. It's so soothing and peaceful to have it on. Tonight for our date night activity we kept our tradition alive and purchased our ornaments and Christmas book for the year. My ornament is called moonlit sleigh ride and Nate's is a really cool three wise men one. Nate picked out our Christmas book this year, it's by the same author that wrote "Brown Bear, Brown Bear." I love having the house all decorated, and with the exception of one person, our Christmas shopping is complete. Now we get to enjoy the rest of the month and celebrate the reason for the season!

Cute Nate getting the tree put together.

Our completed tree, I need to take a better picture.

My new ornament. I love that it sits on a bulb and gets illuminated in the back.

Nate's new ornament for 2015.

Our new Christmas book. We always had lots of Christmas books growing up, so it's been fun to carry on that tradition.

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Thanksgiving Re-Cap

This year was our year to spend Thanksgiving with Nate's family. We all spent the holiday week up in Park City. I think there was a total of 24 of us gathered together. Unfortunately not everyone was able to stay the whole week, but we had a blast still. Each married couple was in charge of a dinner one night for everyone and an activity. Nate and I made meatball sliders and salad for our dinner and I made a Thanksgiving themed bingo game for our activity. We used skittles as our bingo markers and that definitely was the highlight of the game for the nieces and nephews! Other activities included Bunco, making homemade turtles, minute to win it games, and there were multiple trips to the hot tubs and pool. Nate and I usually hit up the outlets when we go to Park City, but we didn't make it there this trip. For our Thanksgiving meal we divided the labor. Everyone was in charge of a dessert to share and a certain dish. Nate and I made the stuffing, a green bean casserole, and a salted caramel chocolate crusted cheesecake. I have to admit, I really enjoy cooking with Nate. We have a lot of fun in the kitchen and I love watching his cooking skills grow. He'll tell you he's not very good in the kitchen, but that's simply not true. It was a really nice holiday and both Nate and I had a great time with his family. A big thanks to Ben and Katie for making our Park City trip possible! We came home on Black Friday and spent some time with my mom and sister Kelley. No Black Friday shopping for us, it's too crazy. We did get a few cyber Monday deals though. Once we came home, it took me a few days to adjust. It was so quiet at our house compared to Park City! I missed having breakfast with the nieces and nephews and having them come in and jump on my bed. Nate and I agreed, we need some kids to liven up our house, especially around the holidays! All in all, Thanksgiving was so fun and I loved having so much time together with Nate.

One of Nate's many trips swimming.

This is just after playing our minute to win it games where Nate totally cheated!

Nate posing with our green bean casserole on Thanksgiving. Does it still count as a vegetable dish if you add cheese and bacon to it?

My plate, yes, I am a picky eater. No gross stuffing or sweet potatoes for me.

A slice of the cheesecake I made. Nate definitely wants it made again. It's a really time consuming dessert so I told him I can only make it on special occasions.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Nate!

Today is the day, happy birthday Nate! I'm so so grateful that you're a part of my life, and I'm honored to be a part of yours. I hope today is fabulous and I hope you know how much you are loved!

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween 2015

I really like that Halloween fell on a Saturday this year. We carved our pumpkins the night before Halloween so they'd still hold up well and look good for the 31st. It was also fun to have pretty much the whole day with Nate. Nate played his usual basketball games in the morning while I got ready for the day, then we ran some errands and that afternoon we went to hang out with Nate's family. In addition to our pumpkin carving tradition, Nate and I also like to get big candy bars for our nieces and nephews each year. Most of them request chocolate, but we did have a request for some sour gummy worms this year, and a couple suckers. We can't help it, we love being the favorite aunt and uncle :). And they're just so cute in their little costumes. Since I'm not a fan of scary movies, we found a haunted gingerbread house kit at the grocery store and decided to bring it with us to Nate's parents' house. That way I'd have something to do if everyone else was in a movie kind of a mood. It turned out to be a huge mess, and a huge hit. Everyone got in on the action, and Nate even convinced his sister to take a bite of the finished product. I'm glad I took pictures during the process because our poor little house only stood for a short little while. Oh well, we still had fun.

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Pumpkin Carving 2015

So each year Nate and I carve coordinating pumpkins. It's our big Halloween tradition. This year Nate was in charge of choosing the theme, and he chose super heroes. He found a wonder woman stencil for me and he chose a batman/superman combo stencil for himself. This year was extra fun, my mom and little sister Kelley joined us. Kelley did not follow suit however, and she went off book and carved a sun instead of something super hero related. I think her pumpkin turned out pretty cute, we collaborated on how to get the center circle to "float" in the middle - we used toothpicks. In my opinion the pumpkins were a hit again this year. We always have such a blast and it's always nice to do something creative. Can't wait to see what we carve next year!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Welcome Home Elder Smith

One of Nate's cute younger brothers just returned home from serving a two year LDS mission this past week. Welcome home Aaron, we are thrilled to have you home! Aaron spent two years in Arizona teaching the gospel and serving people. He did a great job and we are so proud of him. It'll be so fun having him back around and he's just in time for the wedding of another of Nate's brothers this coming weekend. Lots of stuff going on with the extended family.

Fresh off the plane!

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

General Conference Waffles

Once every six months (every April and October) our church has a big two day broadcast called General Conference. During these two days leaders from our church present talks they've prepared. The topics may vary, but all the talks are uplifting and encouraging. You can learn more about our beliefs and church at
Anyway, Nate and I try to make each General Conference a really fun and special weekend. One of the things we do is make a nice breakfast. This time around we made waffles. Nate found out that a local food truck called Waffle Love was selling their liege waffle dough to be made at home. He jumped on the chance and ordered some. We had my mom over for breakfast and the waffle party was a hit! I ate my waffle plain (I'm not a big fan of syrup), my mom had cool whip, and Nate had biscoff cookie spread, nutella, syrup, and cool whip. The waffles were so fun and definitely yummy!

Here's the dough after rising, ready to be cooked. You can even see the sugar crystals.

Freshly cooked!

Nate's waffle.

Handsome Nate.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Bake Sale Re-Cap

First of all I just have to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support us at our bake sale! Both Nate and I were totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. Things went really well and we totally accomplished our goal of raising awareness for our profile. We were able to distribute a lot of pass-along cards and everyone wished us well on our journey. We even had several people stop by who had adopted themselves and had great advice for us. We nearly sold out of all our treats and were able to raise a bit of money too, which was a nice bonus. Again, thanks so much for all the support!

Here's some photos I snapped real quick while we were setting up.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Exciting News

Nate and I have some exciting news. We are having an adoption fundraiser bake sale! It is going to be held Saturday, September 19th from 9am-1pm at Evergreen Park in American Fork, Utah. So if you live nearby we'd love to have you stop by! We're going to have lots of treats for sale and even a raffle. It'll be a blast. We're hoping to raise awareness for our adoption profile and get our names out there. Hope to see you there!

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

My First Wreck

I've been driving for just shy of 13 years, and I have never been in a wreck. Well my streak got broken yesterday. I was travelling from our house to pick up Nate from work so that we could have a date night up in Salt Lake. Of course I had to go through that awful construction around the point of the mountain. Traffic was pretty busy and I was at a complete stop on the freeway when I got rear-ended by a semi truck. I got hit so hard that it pushed me into the back of the car in front of me. So I've got front end damage and the back is all smashed in. The driver's side seat is also broken, it's stuck in the reclined position, I don't know if I got thrown back so hard that it broke or what. As scary as it was, I'm so grateful that everyone involved is okay. I have a sore back and neck and leg, but I went to the instacare last night and had some x-rays done and there are no fractures or dislocations. The doctor told me that if I'm still sore in a week that I may need some physical therapy. Fingers crossed that I'll heal quickly. It's funny, as awful as the situation was, I find myself feeling so blessed. I'm blessed to be so lightly injured, I'm blessed that I had my seat belt on, I'm blessed that my father-in-law was already up in Salt Lake so he could pick up Nate and they could come get me. I am blessed that the older couple in the car in front of me were so nice, I mean she busted out all these homemade treats from their car and was feeding all of us and the police officer. I'm blessed that there was a police officer who just happened to be right by the accident already. I'm blessed to have so many friends and family members offering help and checking that I was okay. I was really and truly blessed. Things could have been so much worse. So I've survived my first (and hopefully only) wreck.

The front of my car.

The back of my car.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July 2015

I loved that the 4th fell on a weekend this year. Nate had Friday off of work and you all know that I love a long weekend with Nate! My mom and sister also had Friday off of work so we had them both over and grilled some hamburgers and made a tropical watermelon sorbet. Of course I forgot to take pictures of anything that day! I hate when I do that! On Saturday, the actual 4th we partied with Nate's family. We had a yummy dinner and watched some of the Real Salt Lake soccer game, then they ended the night with some fireworks. We also all got together the next day for the blessing of our newest little nephew. Busy weekend, but a really good weekend.

I did remember to get some pictures on the 4th. Thanks to my sweet sister-in-law Amelia, I have some pics of Nate and me together.

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Spartan 2015

True to his word, Nate signed up for and successfully ran the Reebok Spartan race again this year. Several of Nate's coworkers also signed up and so they had a colleague make them some custom t-shirts for the race. I made sure to take pictures of the shirt before the race so that it was clean! This year the Spartan was shorter than last year, only 8.5 miles, complete with about 20 obstacles. They did everything from climbing walls, to carrying atlas balls, to running through mud pits. If you don't complete an obstacle successfully then you have to finish 30 burpees before advancing. Nate had a blast and is signing up for next year's race too.

Here are the photos of the shirt Nate's colleague made for them. I took these the night before the race so I could get one before they got all muddy the next day!

One thing I really like about this race is that they are good to get several photos of each participant and usually have them posted online within a week. There are a few shots of Nate making his way through some of the obstacles.

Here's Nate with one of his coworkers (who also happens to be married to one of Nate's cousins) at the completion of the Spartan.

After the race, and after he was all cleaned up, I took a photo of Nate with his medal and finisher shirt. Woo hoo, way to go Nate!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Happy Anniversary to us! Last week we celebrated our 8th anniversary. Since it was in the middle of the week we decided to make a nice dinner at home and then party on the weekend. We went to Meier's for some nice steaks and Nate was sweet and grilled for us. So good! We had a great time and I'm so happy to be married to Nate. He is the best husband a girl could ask for. Nate surprised me and took Friday and Monday off of work so we had a fantastic long weekend. Wish we could do that every weekend!

Okay, so I know this looks like we're saying 4 years, but really it totals 8 years.

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Memorial Day Re-Do

This year for Memorial Day we had planned to have a picnic and games at the park with Nate's family. Unfortunately the weather did not agree with our plans. It rained quite a bit that morning and we knew that the park would be a soggy mess so we postponed our plans 'til Saturday. We had perfect weather on Saturday, it was warm and we had great cloud cover so it wasn't too hot. Almost everyone was able to make it, we missed Katie though. Nate and I had a great time with everyone and I think it's definitely something that we need to do again!

What do you think of Nate's new glasses?

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