Thursday, March 26, 2015

Scripture Journal

Okay, so I've debated about whether or not to post this. But I keep thinking about it which is sometimes how the Spirit works with me, so I've decided to just go ahead and do it. This is about a little project I've been working on. I hope this doesn't come across as self aggrandizing, I don't want it to, but I just feel like I should share. So if this post isn't up your alley, just scroll on past it.
At church on Sunday we had a really good Sunday school lesson in our gospel doctrine class. The teacher was super prepared and had a power point presentation and everything. We also had a good discussion going in the class about studying the scriptures, really using them to help answer personal questions and gain greater knowledge. A brother in our ward brought up the point that study and search were both action words, that they implied more than just passively reading. That really hit me hard. I am great at reading my scriptures everyday but I think that I'm missing the point to an extent. Am I just simply reading or am I actively studying? So with the intent to do better I've been looking for resources to help me better study my scriptures. I came across three awesome websites that both had the idea of a scripture journal. This is separate from a personal journal, the point with the scripture journal is to take notes and write down thoughts and impressions that come while really studying. This was totally what I needed! So I ventured out and bought a cute three ring binder and paper and got to work. I combined ideas from the both the websites and I feel like this is going to make a huge difference in my scripture studying. I took a few pictures to help you get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

Here are the links to three websites that I really like. I took ideas from all and put together something that will work for me.

The Red Headed Hostess (you know how I love a red head!)
'Tis Eventide
Allison Kimball (she's an amazing artist too)

So this is all the stuff I now get out when I read my scriptures - my scriptures of course, pens/colored pencils/hiliters for marking in my scriptures and writing in the journal, and the journal itself. Nate was on speakerphone with me when I took the pic so that's why my phone is in the shot. :)

Basically I took the list of topics from The Red Headed Hostess and I typed them up in fun fonts and glued them onto the tops of pages in the journal. I added three topics to my journal, I added Mary, infertility, and happiness. All three apply to my life and are things I want to get more information about from my scripture study. I added an extra sheet of paper per topic so that I've got plenty of room to write.

Today I focused on the topic of scripture study for my reading.

Like I said, I just feel like I should share this, not sure why. Hopefully posting it helps me to maintain my new scripture journal and really use it and love. Check out the links I posted, I found the super helpful and inspiring.

UPDATE 03/31/15
Still loving the scripture journal. I've since added some section divider tabs so the topics can be found a little more easily and I bought some fun pens to use just for the journal. I also bought a second three ring binder. This second binder is getting filled with charts and timelines and other Book of Mormon printables I've been finding online. Lovin' it!

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Let's Go With Plan B

Our friends Eric and Jenny invited us to go up the canyon for a fire and tin foil dinners. Of course we said yes! We love getting outdoors and with how nice the weather has been lately, we knew we'd be in for a good time. So the plan was to go to a favorite camping spot and build a fire and make some dinner. However, when we got up to the turn off for the campsite there was a huge pile of snow several feet tall blocking the road. I was surprised that there was still snow since it's been so warm lately. On the other side of the snow was the road, but it was so so muddy. Like the kind of mud you get stuck in. The four of us decided it wasn't worth the risk and looked for another option. Well there is the large dirt parking lot that we'd passed a little ways back where you can camp too. So that was plan b. We pulled into the parking lot and found a good spot for our fire and got to work. The boys were in charge of the fire of course, they always like that job. We got our chairs set up and we got busy enjoying the sun and the fresh air. Once we had some coals going we got the tin foil dinners in the fire and then dinner was served. I pre-cook our tin foil dinner so that all they need is to be heated in the fire. If you want to know how I make them, you can read about it here. There's something about dinner cooked over a camp fire that makes it taste so good. We all really enjoyed dinner. Of course we made s'mores after dinner and as is campfire protocol, we all exchanged stories and had lots of laughs. Such a fun evening, we can't wait to do it again!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Las Vegas Weekend

Way back at the beginning of the year our good friends Mike and Sarah asked if we wanted to join them on a Las Vegas trip. We didn't have to think about it too long, of course we wanted to go on a getaway! My brother and his family also live in Vegas so that was a big reason we said yes to the trip. It was a fun time. We all drove down together and talked and laughed almost the whole way. I say almost the whole way because when it was my turn to drive everyone went to sleep! Boring for me! We got to Vegas about lunchtime and Mike's special request for the trip is that we go to Cheeburger Cheeburger, so we hit them up for lunch. Both Nate and Mike ordered and finished the one pound burger challenge and got their pictures put on the wall of fame. After lunch we shopped a bit then went back to the hotel and rested for an hour or so and then got ready and went to the Las Vegas Temple - such a great experience! I love going to the temple. We hit up dinner that evening and finished the night off playing our favorite game, hand and foot. Sarah and I lost to the boys big time. The next morning we went to the Paris hotel for a brunch buffet. We got stuffed and then headed back to the hotel for a little nap. Then in the afternoon we ran to the store and then had a hand and foot rematch. Sarah and I lost again! So frustrating. That evening Nate and I were able to go have dinner with my brother and his wife. It was so good to see them and get to hang out a bit. We met back up with Mike and Sarah and ended the night with milkshakes. It was time to go home the next morning. We were sad that our little getaway was over but we were also ready to head home. Thanks Mike and Sarah for a fun trip!

This is us when we stopped for gas in St. George.

Our travel buddies Mike and Sarah.

Nate's burger at Cheeburger Cheeburger.

The gorgeous Angel Moroni atop the Las Vegas Temple.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Adoption Profile

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