Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Date Night/Update

This past weekend was Nate's turn to choose where we went for date night. He chose Mexican food, his favorite. We took a couple phone pics at the restaurant, notice the lady in the background of my pic totally staring right at the camera. Dinner was fun, then we went to Deseret Book and I got a new set of scriptures that I'd been wanting. Ever since implementing my new scripture study protocol, I've been wanting a new set. But let me tell you, the first time I opened and read from the new set it was a little daunting, there were no markings! I'm so used to seeing the highlighting and the notes in my old set of scriptures. It was good to start marking up the new set, makes them feel more like they're mine.
Also this last weekend, we had Nate's two youngest siblings stay with us while his parents were out of town. It was fun to have them over and spoil them. We welcomed a new nephew a few days ago too, and he's adorable. Things are going well for us, we're still hoping to adopt, so check out our profile at

Don't forget to check out our adoption profile at, and feel free to pass it along!

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