Saturday, May 16, 2015

Early Morning

So I've been up since 2:30 this morning, almost 3 hours now. I scrapbooked for a bit, looked at some of my favorite recipe blogs, made and ate a snack, and caught up on the overloaded DVR a bit. Now I'm blogging. I've been trying to do really quiet activities so I don't wake up Nate. He never gets to sleep in. We had date night last night which is always fun. We started out picking out some new glasses for Nate. He had his eye exam yesterday and he got two really good looking frames. They should be ready in about a week and a half and I'll have to post pictures, he loks really good in them. Next we ran some errands. I've got to make some little favor bags for our Relief Society activity Tuesday so I had to pick up some supplies. I think they're going to turn out really cute. Nate and I also went to Hobby Lobby to look for some frames for a gallery wall I want to do at the top of our stairs. We didn't spend long there because my blood sugar was getting super low and I was feeling really sick, gotta love being diabetic. It was my week to choose where we went for dinner and my only prerequisite was that it was some place with chips and salsa, so we had Mexican food. As is usual, Nate was craving a baked good for dessert, so we went to Kneaders looking for a treat but they didn't have anything that appealed to Nate. We ended up at the grocery store and Nate got some donuts so he was happy. It was a fun and pretty productive night out. Nate has plans to hike this morning as long as the weather is good and I've got plenty to do around the house today and one more errand to run. I'm thinking I better plan for a little nap today too!

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