Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July 2015

I loved that the 4th fell on a weekend this year. Nate had Friday off of work and you all know that I love a long weekend with Nate! My mom and sister also had Friday off of work so we had them both over and grilled some hamburgers and made a tropical watermelon sorbet. Of course I forgot to take pictures of anything that day! I hate when I do that! On Saturday, the actual 4th we partied with Nate's family. We had a yummy dinner and watched some of the Real Salt Lake soccer game, then they ended the night with some fireworks. We also all got together the next day for the blessing of our newest little nephew. Busy weekend, but a really good weekend.

I did remember to get some pictures on the 4th. Thanks to my sweet sister-in-law Amelia, I have some pics of Nate and me together.

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Spartan 2015

True to his word, Nate signed up for and successfully ran the Reebok Spartan race again this year. Several of Nate's coworkers also signed up and so they had a colleague make them some custom t-shirts for the race. I made sure to take pictures of the shirt before the race so that it was clean! This year the Spartan was shorter than last year, only 8.5 miles, complete with about 20 obstacles. They did everything from climbing walls, to carrying atlas balls, to running through mud pits. If you don't complete an obstacle successfully then you have to finish 30 burpees before advancing. Nate had a blast and is signing up for next year's race too.

Here are the photos of the shirt Nate's colleague made for them. I took these the night before the race so I could get one before they got all muddy the next day!

One thing I really like about this race is that they are good to get several photos of each participant and usually have them posted online within a week. There are a few shots of Nate making his way through some of the obstacles.

Here's Nate with one of his coworkers (who also happens to be married to one of Nate's cousins) at the completion of the Spartan.

After the race, and after he was all cleaned up, I took a photo of Nate with his medal and finisher shirt. Woo hoo, way to go Nate!

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