Sunday, October 4, 2015

General Conference Waffles

Once every six months (every April and October) our church has a big two day broadcast called General Conference. During these two days leaders from our church present talks they've prepared. The topics may vary, but all the talks are uplifting and encouraging. You can learn more about our beliefs and church at
Anyway, Nate and I try to make each General Conference a really fun and special weekend. One of the things we do is make a nice breakfast. This time around we made waffles. Nate found out that a local food truck called Waffle Love was selling their liege waffle dough to be made at home. He jumped on the chance and ordered some. We had my mom over for breakfast and the waffle party was a hit! I ate my waffle plain (I'm not a big fan of syrup), my mom had cool whip, and Nate had biscoff cookie spread, nutella, syrup, and cool whip. The waffles were so fun and definitely yummy!

Here's the dough after rising, ready to be cooked. You can even see the sugar crystals.

Freshly cooked!

Nate's waffle.

Handsome Nate.

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