Wednesday, April 13, 2016

National Sibling Day

So I made a discovery today, did you know that there a national sibling day? I had no idea! I was a little bummed to learn that it was this past Sunday, I totally missed it! So I text my siblings and told them my discovery and that we had missed the celebration. A few hours later my little sister sent me this picture.

Have you ever seen cuter kids! This is us looking so darling in the '90s. Notice the steps on the side of my brother's hairstyle and the sweet bows my sister and I are rocking. I mean, how sweet do we look?!

So I text my siblings back this picture.

This would have been shortly before my little sister was born. The girl in the middle is our older half-sister, she's 14 years older than me. My favorite part of this photo is the look on my brother's face! It totally cracks me up. I text them that we must have just been told my mom was expecting my little sister and that's why Josh has that look of pure panic on his face. This is seriously one of my most favorite pictures! And of course Kelley and I are the only ones responding to the group texts, Josh is being lame, so we're just blowing up his phone with group texts. Oh, the joy of having siblings.

In all seriousness, Tori, Josh, Kelley, love you all and thanks for the awesome memories!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Man Scar

So one Friday evening in March Nate and I had the opportunity to go up to the Sundance Resort and eat at The Foundry Grill. Nate and a coworker had won an free dinner there for themselves and their wives. Nate and I jumped at the chance to go, who can pass up a free date night?! It was so delicious and it was really nice to meet another of Nate's coworkers and his wife. Both were such nice people. Dinner consisted of a charcuterie board, truffle macaroni and cheese, widge salad, filet mignon with broccolini and fingerling potatoes, and dessert. Oh and we both had this awesome fruit drink of pureed strawberries, orange juice, apple juice, and pineapple juice, seriously one of the best drinks we've ever had. After dinner we had to hurry home so Nate could make it to a church basketball game. Well he hadn't even been gone at the game for 30 minutes and I get a phone call from Nate asking if I could look up the hours for the local insta-care. Then he lets me know he had split his head open playing basketball, apparently there was some sort of elbow to forehead collision between Nate and one of his teammates. So I met him at the insta-care and several shots, some cleaning, skin trimming, and six stitches later my babe was good to go. I knew we were in good hands though once we got there and our doctor was Dr. Olsen, that's the same last name as my maternal grandparents. And I have to say, it was the quickest insta-care visit we've ever had. However, I did have to remind Nate that this was the second time one of our date nights has ended with him receiving emergency medical care. Totally unacceptable! Remember his hernia surgery in summer of 2010? Date nights should not end in hernia surgeries or stitches! I'm happy to report that the stitches are out and steri strips have worn off and Nate has a cute little scar on his forehead. Oh excuse me, I mean super tough manly scar. I'm pleasantly surprised he has healed so well, and Nate would like me to report that he's back to playing basketball :)

My 30th Birthday

Yes, it finally happened. I turned 30. I've been nervous about it for a while now and it didn't help that I found my first gray hair a few weeks before my birthday. Correction, white hair, it was totally white, apparently I surpassed gray and went straight to white hair. Goodness. My birthday was honestly so nice though. Nate completely spoiled me and since my birthday fell on a Sunday we had fun all weekend long. My cute sister Kelley and my mom came over on Friday night and had dinner with us and then on Saturday Nate and I went out to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant Chin Wah. So good! Then on Sunday we had a nice low key day of good church services and some relaxing with family. I also got a new church calling on my birthday. I was called to be on the Activity Days committee. We organize activities for girls 8-11 years old twice a month. I just have to say we have some super darling girls in our group. Then of course the day after my birthday I found another gray/white hair! But honestly, I'm comfortable being 30 now. I'm determined to make it my best year yet!

My smokin' hot date at the restaurant.

Birthday date night dinner, so yummy!

First photo of me as a 30 year old!

Valentine's Day

Last year Nate and I had such a good time cooking Valentine's Day dinner at home, that we decided to do the same thing again this year. It worked out well since Valentine's fell on a Sunday this year. Nate cooked steaks for us and I made some asparagus and we also had this super good asiago cheese bread. Yum! I love when Nate cooks with me, he always makes it a fun time for both of us. Love you lots Nathan!

Such cute kitchen help is hard to find :)