Friday, April 8, 2016

My 30th Birthday

Yes, it finally happened. I turned 30. I've been nervous about it for a while now and it didn't help that I found my first gray hair a few weeks before my birthday. Correction, white hair, it was totally white, apparently I surpassed gray and went straight to white hair. Goodness. My birthday was honestly so nice though. Nate completely spoiled me and since my birthday fell on a Sunday we had fun all weekend long. My cute sister Kelley and my mom came over on Friday night and had dinner with us and then on Saturday Nate and I went out to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant Chin Wah. So good! Then on Sunday we had a nice low key day of good church services and some relaxing with family. I also got a new church calling on my birthday. I was called to be on the Activity Days committee. We organize activities for girls 8-11 years old twice a month. I just have to say we have some super darling girls in our group. Then of course the day after my birthday I found another gray/white hair! But honestly, I'm comfortable being 30 now. I'm determined to make it my best year yet!

My smokin' hot date at the restaurant.

Birthday date night dinner, so yummy!

First photo of me as a 30 year old!

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Drew Watts said...

Wow, your 30th birthday looks fabulous. My brother’s birthday will be in next month and he is visiting us this time so I have been planning grand party for him at one of best San Francisco event venues. It will be a fun dance party. We are super excited!