Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Happy Anniversary

Nate and I recently celebrated another anniversary. Our anniversary fell on a weekday so we decided to make a nice dinner at home and then have an anniversary date that weekend. Cute Nate suggested having a full on turkey dinner for our anniversary. He asked so nicely and did that dreamy thing with his eyes and smile so of course I said yes. I did however decide that turkey cooking is going to be reserved for the months of October through April from now on. Nate spoiled me for our anniversary date and let me choose an Italian restaurant. We tried a new place in Provo and we had such a good time. We also went fishing that Saturday morning back up at Strawberry Reservoir. Not even a single bite, we were disappointed and are going to try a new location next time. But we had another good anniversary and I'm so in love with Nate. He makes me so happy and I couldn't ask for anyone better.

Guy's Trip

Nate had an opportunity to take a quick trip to Indiana/Illinois/Wisconsin one weekend last month. His good friend works for a company that makes these rad archery targets. Nate's friend invited Nate to come out and attended a shoot with him and they had a blast. Nate sent me some fun pictures while he was out there and he also came home with some crazy stories. Did you that in some parts of our country you can buy giant boxes of cheese sauce? Nate told me to imagine a huge box with a spout, kind of like a big box of Pepperidge Farm goldfish, but filled with nacho cheese sauce. I've never come across a need for so much pourable cheese sauce, but it's nice to know it's there if I need it :). I'm glad Nate had a great time, but I sure did miss him!